Whilst you are feeling down the simplest task or activity, even getting out of bed, can be so difficult that you feel like giving up immediately. Working towards the completion of tasks and activities by breaking them down into small achievable steps will be the start of your road to recovery.

In the throes of depression, having a positive attitude to recovery may be all but impossible; it is a distant and maybe unimaginable thought. However, the reality is that recovery is possible, and it will happen to you. Accessing support, using the treatments and services on offer and engaging in self-help will move you closer to your recovery goal. This may be hard and some days it will feel like two steps forward and four steps back but the important thing is to keep going.

Try not to push yourself too much and accept that some days will be harder than others. Don’t be harsh on yourself if you don’t achieve the goal you set. Negative thoughts and feelings may stick around for a while but really try to focus on the positive steps forward you have made and congratulate yourself on your achievements no matter how small.

The rewards will come gradually and there may be set backs. But eventually you will see the positives of the day start to increase; you may even be able to sit and enjoy a film or to read a book. After feeling depressed it is an amazing experience to enjoy music on the radio or even feel like a dance. Waking in the morning without that horrible feeling of dread is like winning the lottery.

As you start to feel better you may fear that others expect you to be back to your ‘normal’ self right away, and this pressure may make you may feel the need to deny the steps forward you have taken. Have faith that the recovery process is in motion and, although it may take time, you are on your way.